Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Quiet Week at RCW

It's been a fairly quiet week at Rio Concho West.

Early in the week, a storm front blew in from the southwest, dropping temperatures and bringing about .2 inch of rain. We really need some rain in San Angelo, but I guess we were fortunate this time. This storm brought lots of hail and tornadic activity to areas just north and east of us. If you watch the national news, you undoubtedly saw footage of the aftermath.

The RCW "Happy Bus" picked us up on Wednesday for a short trip across town to Rio Concho Manor. Usually, the bus makes a trip to the Manor each week, but Donna and I only go once a month. To be honest, the food there isn't that good, though it is very decent. And it is certainly balanced, as you have a choice of 3 entrees and various vegetable sides, salads, breads, and deserts. And the price is certainly right, costing RCW residents only $6.50. Where else can a couple eat for $13 these days -- and no tipping is allowed! You can pile your place as high as you want, but only one trip through the line. But we really go for the social aspects. We enjoy our fellow inmates, and it's nice to spend a couple of hours with them both on the ride to and from as well as in the dining room.

There are certainly some interesting characters out here. One of our favorite fellows is just a good ol' Texas boy, full of good humor and colorful sayings. He's very active, dragging his travel trailer all over the place to visit old friends and family. Then there is a retired pharmacist who goes out to meet friends for coffee every morning. These group of guys seems to know all the news, both local and otherwise, so we go to the pharmacist whenever we want to know what is happening around town. It's an interesting group out here.

Friday night found us at the Angelo Civic Theater watching Over the River and Through the Woods, a play by Joe DiPietro. This warm-hearted family comedy is set in Hoboken, New Jersey, and centers around a close-knit -- perhaps a bit too close -- Italian-American family. Grandson Nick, a marketing executive, struggles with a decision to move away from his family to Seattle, Washington. His grandparents, whom he visits every Sunday, then plot to keep young Nick at home. As the play progresses, the comedy lessens and the play becomes slowly more dramatic, with Nick learning about the real value of family and the give and take of love. Donna and I both enjoyed the evening.

We dodged another weather bullet Saturday night and early Sunday morning. Another front moved through late Saturday, bringing reports of a tornado to the nearby Ballinger area, about 30 or so miles northeast of Angelo. Hail was also reported in various locales. We missed the violence of the storm but were fortunate to receive almost an inch of rain. That amount will keep us on pace with our yearly average at this time.

And that is about all that is happening out here. I leave you with some pictures of the ocotillo plants at the clubhouse. I posted some in a recent entry when the blooms were first appearing. The blooms are further along now. I snapped these pictures during my early morning walk on an overcast day, so the color and lighting are a bit off.

Lighting is especially bad in this photo, but you can clearly see the blooms at the tips of the stalks.
Several blooms up close.

When in their prime, the orange of the blooms contrast nicely with the green of the stalks, but there isn't much green on these plants.

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