Monday, March 20, 2017

Where Did Spring Go?

As I prepare to post this entry, I suddenly remember this is the first day of spring. Looks like we're missing spring this year. We're going straight from winter to summer. We've reached highs mostly in the 80s lately, with one or two days jumping into the 90s. In fact, it is 90 right now. I do think we had a cool day early last week in the upper 70s.

It's too hot too early, and this concerns me. Right now, we're close to our average in rainfall for 2017, but that can be misleading. Our lake levels are still lower than I like, and with this early heat and high winds, evaporation will lower them more quickly than normal. Some nice long sustained rains would be beneficial. Even though we've had good rain the past 2 years or so, we've not enjoyed those reservoir filling rains we so badly need.

I'm so glad spring break is over and things are returning to normal. San Angelo was really hopping last week. That's economically good, but I like things nice and quiet. Donna and I drove through Spring Creek Park on Friday, and the place had campers everywhere. The RV park out there was almost full, and then other RVers and campers were all over the park itself, wherever they could find a place to park their rig or pitch their tent. Families were having a good time on the lake during this warm spell.

I like it when the kids are in school and everyone is working. That is when Donna and I like to travel and get out. Wouldn't year-round school be nice? I'll mention that to my teenage grandson next time I see him; I'm sure he'll agree.

We picked up 2 new recliners last week. They surely are comfortable. I've already had a nice nap in mine. In fact, after I post this, I may go kick back and enjoy another nice nap in it.

I never tire of watching the deer and turkeys here at Rio Concho West. A couple of nights ago, Donna and I watched as a herd of deer gradually worked their way out from the brush through a draw and into the backyard of a neighbor. It was dusk, and it was really too dark to see more than vague shapes. I have no idea how many were in the herd, but I would say at least a dozen. A day or two later, I stepped out on the back patio to light the grill when I noticed a gang of turkeys in the draw across the street near the club house. I was able to snap the following photos as they gradually worked their way to our side of the street and into our neighbor's yard.

The turkeys were spread out along a draw just across the street. There were a few more farther to the right that I was unable to get frame in this photo.
They then worked their way across the street into a neighbor's yard.

They kind of act like they own the place, but I surely enjoy watching them.
Happy spring to all of you . . . or rather, happy early summer.

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