Saturday, March 4, 2017

Springing into March

Well, February is gone and we are springing into March. Time continues to roll on.

It's been a pretty good week here at Rio Concho West (RCW). The week began with warm weather, even reaching the mid 80s once or twice. The last 3 days, though, have been cooler, only getting into the mid 60s. We've had pretty good winds as well, making the temp seem cooler than it actually was. One night we dipped to 27 degrees.

But this coming week looks pretty good, weather-wise, with daily highs in the 70s and 80s.

The RCW bus took a load of inmates to the Old Gin Steakhouse in nearby Wall for lunch on Wednesday. Wall is a small German community just east of San Angelo on the Lipan Flats. This is farm country, with cotton being the main crop. Right now, the fields are pretty bare except for some winter wheat planted here or there. The Old Gin Steakhouse is just that, a steak house in an old cotton gin. It's a pretty rustic place, but the food is good. All 17 of us on the bus ate the buffet, which had Tex-Mex, fried chicken strips, and all the sides. We had peach cobbler and ice cream for dessert. It's good grub, but just a tad on the expensive side for my cheapskate tastes.

We visited our local Home Depot this week and picked up a couple of chairs and small tables for our front patio. We normally sit on our back patio. We have 4 rocking chairs out there, and the view is nice as we can see so much of RCW from there. The front patio has a brick wall that comes up to my lower chest, so it is difficult to see anything from there when sitting. But during cooler times, it has almost full sun, so we can sit out there those times and let the sun warm our old bones.

We grabbed a burger on Friday. As we often do after eating lunch out, we decided to drive around a bit. We normally drive around Lake Nasworthy, but this time we drove out to San  Angelo State Park, which is just 2 or 3 miles from RCW. We were fortunate to find the bison herd next to the fence grazing, so we snapped a few pictures. Lake OC Fisher still looks pretty good. It seems to be holding what little water it has. It currently is at 14% or 15% capacity. That certainly is better than being bone dry, as it was just 2 or so years ago.

Below are some pictures from our drive through the park:

Bison grazing near entrance to the park
Lake OC Fisher from the Lakeview Camping Area of San Angelo State Park.

Lake OC Fisher from Pulliam Ridge, the highest point in the south section of San Angelo State Park.

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