Sunday, March 12, 2017

Getting Ready for an Invasion

We started the past week by taking a short trip to New Braunfels, as documented in the previous entry.

Thursday night, we attended the monthly dinner at Rio Concho West. We had a nice meal and were entertained by a resident who played the guitar and sang. It was a nice, peaceful evening.

We continue trying to walk as often as possible. With the weather warming, we are beginning to walk earlier in the day. I prefer to walk first thing in the morning, so I look forward to the time when the temps are warm enough at daylight to do my walking then.

We often see deer and turkeys in Rio Concho West. At dinner the other night, a friend of ours who lives about a quarter mile up the street told us that she also has wild pigs visit from time to time, as well as other critters, including an occasional fox. But we've never seen anything other than deer and turkey. I snapped the photos below earlier this week as we were on our way home following a shopping trip. We have 2 rafters (flock or gang) of turkeys in our development. Both rafters number about 10 or 15. Sometimes they are close together, and sometimes they are nowhere in sight of one another. We see them often; in fact, we've come to expect to see them anytime we drive through RCW.

These 2 toms were trailing their ladies.

Most of the hens had already turned the corner and were out of sight. There are lots of oak trees in this section of RCW, and the turkeys are emboldened to hang around close to the houses.
I saw these turkeys the next day, while I was taking an early afternoon walk. They like to walk along the back perimeter of RCW.

This morning, just before posting this entry, I looked out the kitchen window and saw some turkeys across the street in between houses.
Daughter and grandsons are invading our peaceful world on Monday. I hope to take oldest grandson (age 14) on a short hike at the park, while Donna hopes to take him fishing. Let's hope the weather cooperates during their stay. We haven't seen the little desperadoes since Christmas. Grandma is excited about their visit; Grandpa is worried.

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