Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Weather Has Been Good

It's been another week of good weather here in San Angelo, Texas.

Donna and I have been trying to get back into a walking routine lately, and the good weather has certainly helped. I've walked 4 or 5 times this week, often wearing shorts thanks to the warm temps and bright sunshine. What a treat for early February.

After one of our afternoon walks, we went out on the back patio and repotted some plants. I also took advantage of the good weather to clean out our grill, the one we bought just before Christmas. With the good weather, we've started using the grill a couple of times each week, so I wanted to clean it up some. This week, for example, we've had steaks twice and burgers once. It's great to get outside.

On Thursday night, we attended the Valentine Dinner at RCW. We enjoyed a nice meal while listening to the mellow sounds of Farrel Smith and his faithful saxophone. He played a number of old and slow songs because, as he says, he is old and slow. And, as always, it was great to visit with friends and fellow inmates from RCW.

On Friday, we grilled burgers for lunch. There just isn't anything that compares to a good home made hamburger. Donna and I are always on the lookout for that old fashioned burger in our travels, and we've found quite a few good places. But homemade burgers are really the best. It seems as if it gets increasingly more difficult to find a place that makes a true burger. So many places today want to add all sorts of things to burgers, from bacon to French fries to cole slaw and other things that seem strange to me. I'm old fashioned and just want an old fashioned burger. Besides, one of those new fangled burgers is more than I can eat, and most are so large it is almost impossible to get your mouth around it.

The weeds had just about gotten out of hand in the front bed, so I crawled around out there in the sun and wind Friday afternoon to pull them. Donna and I walked earlier than usual Friday because high winds were predicted. Guess we didn't get out early enough as the wind blew us all around. I always use a GPS when walking. In addition to distance, it also tracks my time. I was amazed how much the wind slowed us when we were walking directly into it.

After another morning walk Saturday, we slapped some steaks on the grill along with some veggies and enjoyed a nice lunch. After lunch, Donna went back to the trailer to finish the cleaning she had started last week.

When I awoke this morning, it was 56 degrees, but the high today is only expected to be about 10 degrees warmer. A cold front is blowing through. Tomorrow, the high will be in the 40s. Rain should start blowing through late tomorrow, and Tuesday should be wet and cold, but we can always use the wet. It should warm again later in the week.

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