Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Spring is Bursting Out

I've seen several signs of an early spring lately.

On our recent trip to and from Winstar ("Winstar and Some Oklahoma Highways and Byways"), we saw several redbuds and dogwoods in bloom. I've never really been much of a fan of dogwoods, which is odd since I grew up in Fairfield, Texas, which is not far from Palestine, Texas and the Dogwood Trail; but I love the redbud. Redbuds are not really red, but more of a purple color, and that contrasts beautifully against the dark wood of the tree.

I get a bit confused about the dogwood. There is another tree that blooms about the same time, but is a bit "dirtier" in appearance. I'm not sure if that tree is a pear (perhaps a fruitless pear), but have a bit of trouble distinguishing between the two trees. I believe the dogwood has cleaner blooms, which are a bit brighter and lighter in color.

During our days in East Texas prior to retirement, I always enjoyed watching for the daffodils to bloom. To me, these were always the harbinger of new life in early spring. But the most beautiful plant in bloom, at least for me, is wisteria. My mother really loved seeing wisteria in spring. When you catch wisteria in its prime, the colors are so vibrant, and I love the way the flowers seem to drape through the trees.

But I digress . . .

I've also seen numerous trees in our area leafing out this past week, including the mountain laurel with its bluish lavender flowers hanging in small clusters. And this scares me a bit because we are still in winter. We could very well have one or more hard freezes during the next month.

Still, I enjoy the many colors of spring and the promise of warm weather ahead.

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