Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Retirement Anniversary

It was exactly 6 years ago (February 1, 2011) that Donna and I enjoyed our first full day of retirement. It was so wonderful to sleep in that morning knowing that we could spend the rest of our lives doing exactly as we wanted.

We've enjoyed these past 6 years, and we've done quite a bit of living.

Throughout these years, we've done a lot of traveling. We've traveled all over Texas, from the Panhandle to the Gulf Coast; from the East Texas piney woods to the mountains of West Texas. Most of our travels have been in our beloved Hill Country.

We've also traveled quite a bit outside of the state. In 2012, we took our trailer out for an extended 8 month trip, enjoying several western states. We repeated this earlier this year with a 6 month tour of the Southwest, hitting some places we had not been before.

We've done a lot of walking. I have recently started tracking my walking. Since moving in to Rio Concho West in late June, I've plodded over 350 miles on foot. We've enjoyed some nice hikes over these past 6 years. And we're still hiking when we get the chance. Our legs are getting a bit worn, but we still enjoy seeing what is around that next bend.

And we're not about to stop yet. We have some trips planned over the next few years, long trips that will take us through several states. We don't have anything definite yet, but we are beginning to narrow things down.

Most of all, though, I've really come to enjoy living in my home in Rio Concho West and to enjoy the simple pleasures that San Angelo provides. We enjoy our eateries, our community theater, an occasional movie, and spending time with friends and neighbors at RCW.

Retirement has been good and continues to get better.

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