Monday, February 13, 2017

Critters, Critters Everywhere

Donna and I had a couple of errands to run this morning. As we were leaving RCW, we passed a rather large rafter (flock) of turkeys. We actually have 2 rafters in RCW, and they usually stick close together. Occasionally, they will merge, and when they do, they number about 25 or more.

After running our errands, we stopped in for lunch. Quite often when we eat out, we like to ride around Lake Nasworthy. Our normal drive is by the swimming beach, then around through Spring Creek Park. Today is a dreary winter day in San Angelo, and it has rained off and on. On such days, you can often see lots of wildlife, and we did today.

We turned off Knickerbocker Road into Mary E. Lee Park, a small park where the beach is located. Just as you turn off Knickerbocker Road, there is a prairie dog town there, and the chubby little fellows were active. It's obvious these guys haven't missed many meals.

4 prairie dogs in this photo. The 4th one is in the background, left-center.

Yeah, these little rascals are healthy.

The fellow in back is about to enter his home.
We then continued on around on Fisherman's Road to Spring Creek Park, There we ran into a herd of deer. What we found funny is that when we stopped to admire these gentle animals, a turkey emerged and approached us. We wondered if he had been fed in the past and expected us to feed him. But several deer were following him. We then wondered if they saw him as their leader, or if they might be chasing him. I guess we'll never know. He came right next to our truck and I got a good picture of him.

Leader of the pack. This bold fellow strolled right up to our truck. I did NOT zoom in for this photo.

There are 9 deer in this photo. It is hard to count all of them, but they are there.
We then drove around to the Horseshoe Bend area of Spring Creek Park. There we came across a good sized rafter of turkeys.

Turkeys peacefully grazing around the pecan trees.

I spooked this bunch a bit. They didn't care for us getting so close.

It was a fun outing. We really enjoy watching wildlife. We have several deer that visit RCW. We always look out our back windows just before retiring each day and first thing upon getting up. We often see deer in our yard feeding on the soft grass. Sometimes, they even bed down right under our windows.

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