Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Visiting the Boats

Sunday a week ago, we enjoyed an all day rain, which is quite unusual for our part of the world. The morning was misty and drizzly, but during the afternoon, we had some nice down pours. All told, we received almost an inch of rain, our first real rain of 2017.

Donna and I rose early Monday. We had reservations at the Eldorado in Shreveport, where we planned to stay through Thursday night. We arrived about middle of the afternoon. The Eldorado has been our favorite casino in the Shreveport/Bossier City (SBC) area for the past several years. However, their video poker inventory has been on the decline in recent years. In addition, service in the casino has also declined. We figure our playing days there are numbered.

So on this trip, we began scouting the games at the other casinos in the SBC area. We finally decided that the best offerings in the area for our level of play are the Horseshoe and Boomtown. We have played at both of these casinos extensively over the years, and like them both. In the early days of playing in the SBC area, the Horseshoe was my favorite. We decided to concentrate our play there. So, on our recent trip, we divided our time between the Eldorado and the Horseshoe, hoping that we would play enough at the latter to get some room offers from the Shoe for future trips. We'll wait and see what comes in the mail.

While in the area, we enjoyed some good food at Athena Greek and Lebanese Grill. We've eaten at the Line Avenue location for years, but on our last trip to the area we discovered a new location on Barksdale. Since that location is closer to the casinos, we visited it this time and were excited to see that they had a noon buffet. We really enjoyed ourselves and will go back next time we are in the area.

After several days of gambling and eating, we left Shreveport before rush hour Friday morning and headed west to visit my brother and his wife for a couple of days. So, we then spent 2 more days of eating. I did put on a couple of pounds during this trip.

We arrived home this past Sunday. We had a good trip, but as always, it was good to be back home in San Angelo, Texas.

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