Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Trailer and Other Things

Inspection time for the travel trailer rolled around, so I hooked that baby up to the truck and pulled it down to my nearby Avis Lube, where I have the truck serviced and inspected. 20 minutes and $7 later, the inspection was done and I was on my way back home.

Not all places that inspect cars and trucks will provide trailer inspections. The best thing to do is go to the Texas Department of Public Safety site and look for vehicle inspection locations. Here is a shortcut: Just search by zip,  city, or county, and you'll be given a list of inspection stations. Be sure to use the endorsements table to search by the appropriate code. For travel trailers, the code is "TL".

The day we had the trailer inspected was a beautiful day. The sun was out, the wind was pretty calm for West Texas, and the temperature was in the mid 70s or so. I decided to just drag the trailer to the house and give it a good washing while it was hooked up. I even crawled on top with a brush and extended handle to scrub the top. Now we have a clean trailer.

We had several days of beautiful weather this past week, even climbing into the low 80s one day. Then Friday rolled around, and the sun disappeared and  temperatures fell. Yesterday, fog hung around the entire day, and so far today, the fog is still here. It is cold and wet, with temps in the low 40s or so. Surprisingly, about 60 or more miles south along the I-10 corridor, temps are about 20 degrees higher. But we expect today to warm some, and tomorrow should be even better.

On Wednesday, we boarded our community bus along with some other inmates and headed over to Rio Concho Manor -- our sister property located downtown along the Concho River -- for lunch there. The bus actually makes the rounds in Rio Concho West (RCW) and collects anyone wishing to go. There is a usual crowd, but sometimes 1 or 2 different faces appear. We enjoy the ride over, visiting with our neighbors, then we all sit together while we enjoy lunch. All in all, it is a good time, and a very social one at that.

On Thursday night, residents gathered at the club house for our monthly birthday dinner. Each table seats 6 people, and we usually sit with different people each month. It gives us a good opportunity to meet new people.

I'm just about recovered now, and I'm hoping I can get back to some serious walking and other outings. I'm really ready to go for some hikes in the state park that is only 2 or 3 miles down the road.

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