Sunday, January 29, 2017

Old Man Winter Came Back to Life

It's been a pretty good week here at Rio Concho West on the outskirts of San Angelo.

We started the week with some pretty good weather, even reaching the low 80s one day. It began cooling a bit on Thursday, but then Friday really turned cool. Just before retiring Friday night, Donna and I looked out the window and saw a pretty good snow flurry. Fortunately, the ground was a bit too warm for much of the snow to stick, otherwise we would have had some pretty good accumulations. On Saturday, the sun returned and we began warming again. Things should be pretty mild this week, I think. As I write this on Sunday, the sun is shining, and there's nary a cloud in the sky.

After being gone for a week, we did quite a bit of grocery shopping this week. We always stock up when we see good sales. We often see good meat buys at H.E.B., and our local Lowe's grocery store usually has great vegetable and canned good sales. Lowe's -- not to be confused with either the big box home goods chain or the Carolina based grocery chain -- is a chain of grocery stores serving small to medium sized towns primarily in West Texas and New Mexico. There are a few stores scattered across Arizona and Colorado as well. I like Lowe's for several reasons. First, the stores are much smaller than Walmart, H.E.B., and other large chains. It almost feels like a grocery store from the old days. Second, they really have great sales, as noted above. Finally, my first full-time teaching job back in the late 1970s was in Olton, Texas, where the first Lowe's grocery store was located. I like that connection.

During our week trip to the boats and my brother's house, we put on a few pounds, so the Fuhrer put us on diets. Since returning home, we've been eating lots of salads and other low calorie dishes. Donna manages to stay pretty trim, but I could stand to lose several pounds.

During my month-long illness, I was not able to walk much. I tried once or twice, but I just didn't have the energy to walk far. But this past week, we did begin walking a bit and will continue. We hope to get out to the state park this week as well and hike some of the trails. The weather is predicted to reach the 70s and 80s throughout the week, so it looks promising.

Towards the end of each month, our community newsletter -- the Rio Concho West Acorn -- is distributed. We use it to plan all the activities we want to participate in for the coming month. We are eagerly awaiting it so that we can plan some travel. Since our stay at Winstar in our travel trailer a couple of months ago, we have been receiving free room and other offers from that place, and we'd like to venture up there again. We are not that familiar with the country between here and Winstar, so we would use the trip as a way to explore the area, perhaps detouring here and there on our way either to or from the Winstar to visit some new destinations.

And that is about all the news from my neck of the woods.

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