Sunday, January 1, 2017

Getting Back to Normal

Happy New Year to all!

Well, the holiday season is essentially over. I enjoy the holidays, but I'm always glad when things return to normal. It's time to get those children back in school and off the streets, and time for folks to get back to work. This gives Donna and me more room in stores and restaurants and tourist areas.

I'm still recovering from my heavy cold. It takes me a long time these days to get over illness. It's been going on for almost 2 weeks now, but I'm in pretty good shape. I even got out yesterday in our 70+ degree weather and took down our Christmas lights. Donna came down with something earlier this week, but she's pretty mean so it seemed to only bother her a day or two. She seems to be back to normal. She took down the tree and other interior decorations earlier this week.

We did our first meal on our new grill yesterday. We picked up some T-Bone steaks for $3.99 a pound at H.E.B. the other day, so we threw these on that new grill. I really enjoyed mine, but I don't think Donna's was done to her liking, which is essentially raw and dripping blood. I like mine cooked for a while; Donna doesn't really need a grill, just a match or two. The old woman will be cooking the traditional black eye peas today, along with her delicious corn bread. I look forward to that. She'll cut up some jalapeno cheese sausage to go into the peas as well. Along with some pico de gallo to top it off, that's some good eating to start off the new year.

The weather is supposed to be nice this week, so I hope to get back to walking soon. I just feel better anytime that I can get out and walk regularly. I miss going out today on a "First Day Hike." The Texas Parks and Wildlife system has been sponsoring these hikes for the past few years, and Donna and I normally try to go. But I'm still not up to speed, so I'll have to delay my hike at least a few days. Maybe by the end of the week . . .

We hope to resume traveling this month. We have some free nights and meals at the Shreveport/Bossier City casinos, so we'll probably head that with an overnight stay at brother's house in Ft. Worth. This may be our last visit to his house before he and his wife retire to Florida later this year.

And that is just about all that is happening with us as the new year begins. I wish all of you a prosperous and Happy New Year.

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