Saturday, December 24, 2016

Under the Weather

We've not done much this week as I've been under the weather all week.

At my last medical visit with my family doc, I mentioned that Donna has complained once or twice about my snoring. It doesn't take much to get Doc in action, so right away he scheduled a sleep test. On Monday, I picked up the equipment, which looked very much like the picture below.

Image result for sleep apnea test

No, that's not me. I wish I looked that good.

So, Monday night, I put the gear on and tried to sleep. I don't like having stuff on my face, so I really didn't sleep much that night, but I think I gave them a good snore or two to look at. Doc should contact me soon as regards the next step.

Tuesday, I started feeling the effects of a cold, and I've been struggling since then. I've not recovered yet, but I think I've turned the corner. Today is the first day I've really had an appetite of any kind, and I've actually been able to stay out of bed for quite a while today. The older I get, the longer it takes me to recover from any kind of illness. And it doesn't help that one of the medications I take also has a side affect of weakening my immune system. It's all a catch 22, I suppose.

Donna has suffered a bit, but she's meaner than I am so she has just plodded along. As soon as we both recover completely, we'll start looking at a trip to somewhere.

Tomorrow is Christmas, so I'll wish all of you a wonderful Christmas. I hope that you are happy and safe, and I ask that you remember those who are so much more unfortunate.

Peace and good wishes to all.


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