Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Week at Rio Concho West

Well, it's been a quiet week at Rio Concho West (RCW), my new hometown, out here on the edge of the prairie.

I've been trying to get back into a walking routine after our recent trips. Walking is easier when we travel because we hike and take interesting walks to places we've never or have seldom ever been. But walking at home can be work because you see the same places again and again. But I seem to walk more when I'm home. I've probably walked 15 or so miles this week; hopefully, I'll work up to about 20 this next week or so.

We started the week off by visiting what has been one of our favorite local eateries, Taste of the Himalayas. When the place first opened a couple of years ago, the food was great. But as time has gone by, the food quality has declined. Most of all, it has simply been inconsistent. The establishment has also recently come under new management, and several changes have resulted. When we ate there this past Monday, we were both disappointed. In fact, after we paid and walked out, we stopped on the steps outside, looked at each other, and agreed that we should not go back for a while. We simply did not enjoy it as we once did. So, we'll scratch it off our list of "go to" eateries and replace it with another one. We'll give it about 6 months or so, then try it again to see if it has improved. If it hasn't, then we'll probably mark it off our list for good.

On Wednesday, Donna and I hopped on the RCW bus along with some other inmates and took a ride over to the Rio Concho Manor for lunch. For the low price of $6.50 (no tipping allowed), we can go through the buffet line and pile on as much food as our trays will hold. The catch is you can only go through the line once, but once is more than enough for us. This past week, I loaded my tray with fried chicken breast, BBQ brisket, mashed potatoes, pinto beans, salad, jalapeno corn bread, and finished it all off with some very rich chocolate cake. And to top it all off, I had a great time visiting with my fellow inmates both on the bus and at the lunch table. That's a pretty good deal. Note that these prices are for Rio Concho residents only; non-residents pay a bit more.

On our last camping trip, we were in quite a bit of rain, so when we arrived home, the truck was pretty dirty. So earlier this week, I took the truck down to our local Gentle Touch Auto Wash on Parkview Drive. These folks do a good job. I purchase the 5 washes for $25 card, which entitles me to 5 exterior car washes for $25. Actually, they give you 1 free as a bonus, so you really get 6 washes for $25. The truck gets an excellent exterior scrubbing, and the good folks there wipe it dry at the end. That's a pretty good deal these days. I then brought the truck home and touched up the outside and cleaned the interior. I like driving a clean vehicle.

Friday, the Computer Club at RCW met. We're all trying to learn the ins and outs of Windows 10. It's always fun watching a bunch of old geezers get together to try to figure out new technology.

Donna and I have never done much decorating at Christmas, but the boss lady decided this year she wanted some lights outside. The bad news is that we don't have any lights for outside, so we've spent some time this week shopping for lights. There are just too many choices out there, but we finally decided on some blue lights to line the eaves of the house. The good news is that I don't have to hang them. One of the many services provided by the good maintenance people here at RCW is Christmas light hanging. I guess they probably got tired of watching old folks fall off ladders trying to hang lights and decided to take the job over themselves. Regardless, sounds like another good deal to me and just one of the many, many reasons we decided to move here.

On the home front, Donna and I are trying to get ready for the invasion of the body snatchers, who arrive Wednesday and expect to be fed a Thanksgiving feast. Yeah, Courtney and her ruffians are on their way, so I ask you folks to pray for Donna and me. We've been doing lots of shopping and Donna is pulling out all her recipes. I look forward to stuffing myself. I just hope we survive.

We had our first freeze of the season Friday night. We have 3 local TV stations, and they reported temps from 29 to 32 degrees, so I don't know which is the most accurate for our location. Now it really feels like fall. Our nights will continue to be cold now, but our days get up to the 60s or 70s, and that is great weather for me. I did a 4 mile walk yesterday afternoon in short sleeves, so I'm happy.

Well, that's the news from Rio Concho West, where the streets are wide, and some of these old folks drive just too dang fast.

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