Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Rainy Times at Kerrville

We spent several days and nights at Kerrville-Schreiner Park and really weren't able to do much. The weather simply did not cooperate.

Our main purpose in visiting the park was to use it as a springboard to go to Lost Maples State Natural Area. In most years, this would have been the ideal time to visit the park and view the maple trees in all their colorful glory. However, this year, the weather did not cooperate. We just have not had the cool weather needed to produce that wonderful color in those trees. Still, Donna and I did journey to the park on Monday. However, it rained on us most of the way there and the fog was pretty thick. So, once we arrived, we simply did a quick run through and returned to Kerrville. Maybe next year . . . .

The trip to and from Lost Maples was not all in vain, though. The drive from Kerrville along first Highway 27 and then Highway 39 was beautiful. The highways follow the cypress-lined Guadalupe River as it winds and dips through western Kerr County. Of course, resorts and other getaways line the road all the way to the little community of Hunt or so. If you've not been on this road, it is certainly one of the drives in Texas you must take. On our return trip, we took FM 337 to Medina. This road follows the West Prong of the Medina River for most of the route. From Medina, we followed Highway 16 north back to Kerrville. This highway follows the North Prong of the Medina River for several miles. This is really wild country, and I can't stress enough that you should adhere to speed limit and other warning signs along this route. The country is beautiful, though, and worth the time it takes.

We also wanted to walk the new River Trail in Kerrville. The easternmost trailhead is located at Kerrville-Schreiner Park, so we hoped to head west along the trail a few miles and then return. However, the weather just did not cooperate. As we were heading out the door of the trailer for our walk, the rain began to fall. We waited a while, but it just did not let up. Instead, we ended up going to the movies that day and watching The Accountant with Ben Affleck. We did enjoy the movie.

The only sort of outing we had any luck with was a day trip to Castroville on US 90 just west of San Antonio. I had been wanting to visit this place for quite a while. This little village was settled by Henri Castro in 1844. He brought in settlers from Europe, mainly Alsace in eastern France, and the area today retains the influence of that group, especially with its architecture. It is really a picturesque little village. However, we picked a Saturday for this trip, and we should have opted for a weekday. I should have known we were in trouble when we passed through Bandera and saw all the crowds there. Booths lined the square, and some sort of gathering was taking place along the Medina River. This time of year is really an active time for markets and other activities in rural areas. In Castroville, there were a number of events going on. Some were at local churches, some along the road in neighborhoods, and some at other locations. Cars and people were everywhere. I hope to go back at some time when nothing is going on so that I can walk the side streets and admire all the unique homes and buildings.

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