Thursday, November 3, 2016

Johnson City, Texas: November 2, 2016

During one of the days while we were at Blanco State Park, Donna and I drove north to nearby Johnson City to look around. I’ve always liked this little town of 1,600 or so people at the crossroads of 2 major US highways: 290 and 281. Its big claim to fame, of course, is as the boyhood home of President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

The Pedernales River runs just north of town. Along the south bank of the river just off US 281 is the rather new Pedernales River Nature Park. This 222 acre day-use park is part of the LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority). The park provides opportunities for fishing, picnicking, and bird watching. Swimming is not allowed.
Pavillion at Pedernales River Nature Park
Pedernales River forms the north boundary of the park
The centerpiece of the downtown square is the Blanco County Courthouse. Donna and I strolled the grounds picking up some really tasty pecans. We then walked around the square and a block or two off the square looking in on the various little shops that offer art, antiques, and related items. There is also a brewery with a café that has a pretty interesting menu. But we were a bit early for lunch, and we had our mouths set on Mexican food anyway.

After our walk, we then drove around some side streets and admired the oak trees and many stone houses. We then stopped in for lunch at El Agave on the highway. We had a good lunch at this place. Both of us ordered the vegetarian quesadillas, and we were happy. Service was excellent, and the atmosphere was very nice. We would certainly stop here again.

Then before leaving town, we stopped in at a dollar store and a grocery store for a few items.

Below are some pictures we took of the town.
Blanco County Courthouse

Street on the west side of the square
Junkyard Donna checking some items at one of the shops

1894 Blanco County Jail
A typical shop around the square. Notice historical marker.

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