Friday, November 11, 2016

Getting Back to Normal at Home

We returned home earlier in the week from our latest trip. We've been trying to get back to normal ever since.

Whenever we return home, I always have lots of mail to go through and other personal business to catch up on. We usually need to get out and pick up some groceries as well. And Donna always has lots of laundry to do. On short trips (anything less than 2 weeks or so), we normally don't do laundry and just let it build until we return home, so Donna usually just moves into our laundry room and lives there for a few days.

I've also been trying to catch up on some other tasks I've been putting off. I've not seen my dermatologist since we sold our home last December, so I set up and appointment with her for next week. And I haven't had an eye exam since 2014, so I set up an appointment with my optometrist and went in yesterday. My vision seems to change quite a bit in between visits. Since my last visit, I've noticed that my far away vision has improved a bit, but my up close vision has declined some. As a result, I've been using some of those reading glasses you can pick up in any pharmacy the past several months. I do quite a few crossword puzzles and I read a lot, so I've really been relying on those reading glasses lately. I've never had to use them before. Just another sign of approaching old age, I guess.

Last time I got new glasses, I decided not to go with bifocals, and that was a mistake. I started using bifocals about 2000 or 2001, and I had no idea how much I really relied on them. But when I got my new pair in 2014 or so, I opted to just go with full vision glasses and I quickly realized that was a mistake. When driving, for example, I could see fine to drive, but I couldn't clearly read the speedometer, radio, and other items on the dash. And when eating, I couldn't see my food clearly. And since I often do puzzles while watching TV, I was actually having to switch between my regular glasses and my reading glasses. So, with my new pair, I have returned to bifocals, and I can already tell the difference.

Last night, we had our monthly dinner at the Rio Concho West clubhouse. We've missed the past 2 months, so we enjoyed the dinner last night. We've come to enjoy these get togethers,  as we always meet new people, visit with folks we've previously met, and enjoy some good food and usually some good entertainment of some sort.

Tonight, we have tickets to our local theater (Angelo Civic Theater) to see a production of Greater Tuna. We really enjoy the theater. Donna and I started attending plays back in my college days, when the first play we ever saw together was Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. We've seen many good plays over the years.

So, we are gradually getting back into a routine here. When we returned home earlier this week, we discovered 1.2 inches of rain in our gauge. We also had rain Wednesday and Thursday, and I emptied 1.5 inches from the gauge yesterday. We've really been blessed with good rain all year.

We have no more trailer trips planned for 2016, but we may take one or two quick overnight trips. Otherwise, we are looking forward to spending time at home for the upcoming holidays.

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