Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Winstar RV Park

While visiting Winstar Casino, we spent 4 nights at the adjacent RV park.

This is a fairly new RV park. When you enter the property, you are greeted by an overall neat picture. Interior roads are paved, all spots are paved, the office is modern and efficient in appearance, the pavilion and adjacent swimming pool are nice, and the grass is green and neatly trimmed. From this appearance, you would think you were really staying in a great park; and you really are, for it does receive some very good ratings.

Entrance street to the park. The office is the rwo-story building on right. Winstar Hotel is the tall building in the distance.


Swimming pool

Now, I can’t complain about a park that is this seemingly nice. But I was disappointed by the lack of attention to certain things. For example, the sewer is not threaded. Well, you know what is going to happen if that thing isn’t threaded or weighted down; get ready for blast off. Officially, the park does list “Wireless Internet” as one of its amenities; however, upon asking I was told that it didn’t work very well. How many times have you heard this at an RV park? Well, it didn’t work at all for me, and I had a site very close to the office. If you list an amenity, then ensure that it works! And there also is no cable TV connection at the park, and OTA reception is not good at all. I was also surprised that my site was not level. You can walk around the park and visually see that some sites are, indeed, very uneven.

We were assigned one of the 80 foot pull-through sites. Now, these look nice, and they truly are, but I was a bit frustrated by the arrangement of utilities and the picnic table/slab. As I said, all sites are concrete, and a picnic table is secured on an adjoining slab. Ideally, you would like your door to open onto the slab with easy access to the table. I could not make mine work without using extensions for water, power, and/or sewer. It just isn’t arranged to work well for my rig. Others may find it perfect, though. Most travel trailers have their doors near the rear, while fifth wheels and motor homes tend to have doors farther towards the center or front of their respective rigs. These sites should work better for them. Oh well, you can’t please everyone. And the space between sites is truly generous for a commercial RV park.

One of the many 80 foot pull through sites. There are back-in sites located around the perimeter of the property and a few other places.

Our site. We have 2 picnic tables: the one at near left and the one at right. Utilities are available on both sides, so you can pull through in either direction.

There are 2 laundry centers/showers in the park. The laundry rooms are clean and bright. The restrooms, though clean, kind of remind me of the restrooms/showers at Texas state parks, but much cleaner. There is even a “primitive camping” area in the park. These sites are also paved and are close to the facilities, so they aren’t really primitive at all. There is also a paved walking path that borders the park on the north and west sides. Trees have been planted throughout the park, but since the park is so new, they are still rather small and do not yet provide much shade. Your AC will get a workout here in the summer.

I was amazed at how peaceful the park is. It is only half a mile from Interstate 35 and the casino, yet it was a sea of calm and peace. Noise from the interstate is constant, but the park is far enough away that it is just a distant hum. It didn’t keep either of us awake at night.
The casino does provide 24-hour shuttle service between the casino and RV park as well as a few other places along the route. We found it to be reliable.

Laundry center with showers in western part of the park.

Interior of laundry center. There are additional machines behind where I took this picture.

Primitive camping area

Walking trail that borders the north and west sides of the park.

But most people are here for the casino and don’t care about the setup. And the rates for such a place are pretty reasonable, so it is hard to complain.

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