Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Trip Summary

I thought it might be interesting to give a summary of our recent trip.
  • Total distance: 764 miles. Note: this does not include side trips.
  • Total nights: 11 nights
  • Total gasoline cost: $167.39. We averaged more than 10 mpg. This cost DOES include side trips.
  • Total camping fees: $237
Where we stayed:
  • Copper Breaks SP: 2 nights
  • Winstar Casino RV Park: 4 nights
  • Ft. Richardson SP: 2 nights
  • Lake Brownwood SP: 3 nights
Of the 4 places we stayed, all were new to us except for Lake Brownwood SP. We like going to new places in general.

In all honesty, I really did not enjoy this trip, and I'm not sure why. I really wasn't comfortable at Copper Breaks. I did not care for the layout of the camp sites, but normally that doesn't concern me too much. Also, Copper Breaks does not have full hookups. I know that as I get older, I really avoid parks that do not have full hookups. And I know I don't like being without television. On this trip, we had no television at all. It's not that I'm a television junkie, but I do like to keep up with news and current events. And at the end of the day, it's nice to sit back and watch a good show or two.

I also do not really care for the part of the state where we were. I'm uncomfortable if we get too close to metropolitan areas, and that was the case with Winstar and, to a lesser degree, Ft. Richardson. I certainly don't care for towing on two-lane highways.

I think I'm just getting too used to creature comforts. I was so glad to get back home to my roomy shower, my comfortable bed, and my cozy chair in front of the television. If I want, I can step out on my back patio, sit in my rocking chair, and enjoy watching the happenings in my neighborhood. I think I just hate giving up all this comfort when we hop in that trailer.

But we have another trip planned and we'll be heading out soon. We'll see if a different atmosphere produces a different result. I certainly hope so.

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