Saturday, October 15, 2016

Taking Things Easy

Not every day that you spend in an RV can be exciting. You don’t visit a casino every day (even though Donna would like to), and you don’t go on an interesting hike every day. And when you’re at a place like Lake Brownwood SP where we’ve been many times before, you’ve just about done everything there that you can do, and probably several times over. Sometimes you just have to kick back and relax a bit.

Today was one of those days.

Since we sat out enjoying the fire last night, it was late when we got to bed. As a result, we slept in a bit later this morning than we normally do. When we finally got dressed and ready to roll, it was mid-morning. We decided we’d drive over to Coleman to the Owl Drug Store and have one of their good hamburgers. We visited this place for the first time back in March of this year, and I wrote about it then. If you’re interested, you can look it up.

Since we had no real plans today, we decided to drive to Coleman on some back roads. We had a nice leisurely drive both going and coming and enjoyed seeing the ranches in the area. The region has been blessed with good rain all year long, and the countryside shows it. We saw several pastures that had recently cut hay, and the large bales were lying in the fields, waiting to be moved. Stock tanks were full to the brim, and grass was tall and thick in the pastures. It really is great to see this country looking healthy for a change.

As we entered Coleman, we stopped for gas, then headed to the drug store. We ordered 2 cheese burgers, a side of onion rings to split, and a couple of drinks. They brought the onion rings first, along with a dip that tasted basically like tartar sauce. The onion rings were cut into thick slices, and the batter held to the onions quite well for the most part. I tried the dip they brought, but personally, I’m old fashioned and soon reverted to ketchup. The burgers were great. I love a hand-formed patty that is a bit crustyou on the ourside, and that is exactly what I got. We looked the menu over while there, and decided that next time we’d try something different, but it may be hard to pass up those burgers.

We took a different set of back roads on our return trip to the park. It was nice driving down these rural farm/ranch to market roads. I grew up in a rural area, and I love the chance to get in the back country any time I can. I just enjoy seeing cattle, fields being tended, and homesteads being worked. We were able to drive along at a leisurely pace of 50 mph or so; I truly enjoyed the outing.

Once back in camp, I crawled in bed to sleep off that burger while Donna grabbed her fishing gear and headed to the pier. Later in the day, we began packing up, as we leave for home in the morning.

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