Friday, September 30, 2016

Old Fat Man Adventures

During our recent stay in the Davis Mountains, we met a gentleman named Barney. We visited late one afternoon at our site for 2 or 3 hours, then ran into him again atop Skyline Drive a few days later. Barney full-times in his Artic Fox travel trailer, and seems to have a great time. Like me, Barney shares his adventures through his blog, which he calls "Old Fat Man Adventures."

I enjoy reading blogs by other people, especially those who do a lot of traveling or hiking. I can relate to these folks, and I usually learn a great deal from them. Barney's blog is especially interesting. He has a talent for noticing things that the rest of us might miss or take for granted. And he takes good pictures of these things. Barney's a good writer, and he makes some very astute and often humorous observations on life. You can tell he enjoys living the way he does, and he seems to really enjoy people, animals, and plant life.

It takes a bit to catch on to Barney's writing style. One reason for this is that he refers to himself in the third person. For example, he might say something like, "The OFM (old fat man) slept in this morning." He refers to his trailer as "the Castle," and he calls his GMC truck "Sierra". Taken collectively, he refers to his entire outfit as "the team." By adding this distance between writer and subject, he is able to laugh at himself. I always enjoy folks who can make fun of themselves, like recent commercials featuring Peyton Manning and Lindsey Vonn.

Another thing I like about Barney's blog is that his travels seem to cover areas Donna and I are familiar with. During our visit at Davis Mountains State Park, we discussed campgrounds we had both stayed in and places we like to eat. It was nice to visit with someone who knew the same areas we knew. For example, both of us had recently been to Brantley Lake State Park outside of Carlsbad, New Mexico. He even quizzed me on the best BBQ in Junction, Texas, and I passed his test by answering Lum's rather than Cooper's.

Barney has much more mechanical skill than I, so lately I've been interested in some repairs he has been making on his trailer following a tire blowout. I never would have thought about checking the undercarriage for damage to LPG lines and brake wires. This is how you learn more about RVing.

And one last thing about his blog . . . Barney is pretty regular in posting to his blog. For the most part, he seems to publish almost every night. He does a much better job of this than I do; but then, as a full-timer, he is doing a lot more living than I.

I've added a link to Barney's blog to the right. If you like to read about people traveling about the country, I think you'll enjoy what he writes.

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