Sunday, September 18, 2016

At Home Between Trips

We enjoyed our outing to the Davis Mountains. It's nice to go out in the trailer for a while but then return to a comfortable home. But we like traveling, and we have trips planned frequently throughout the next several months.

In the meantime, we are staying busy at home. Donna has been especially busy. The old girl discovered a way recently to freeze avocados. The method works well. With the price of avocados steadily rising these days, Donna is taking advantage of this system. This past week, a local grocery store had a sale on avocados for $.28 per pound. We bought a lot, and Donna has been putting them up. We'll be eating avocados for quite a while now.

And Donna has fallen in love with Hatch green chiles. These have been on sale recently in the area, and Donna bought a bunch and canned them. So, we may have nothing else, but we'll be eating chiles and avocados throughout the winter.

I've been waging war on fire ants, especially in our back yard. We've had fairly frequent rains this summer -- which is great -- but it surely brings out those little varmints. As soon as I get 3 mounds treated and under control, 2 more pop out somewhere. In between these skirmishes, I've been doing some little odd jobs to make the place more homey.

And we have our Rio Concho West events we participate in. Last week, we attended a piano performance by a lady from our local symphony orchestra. This week, we have a performance by a magician. On another day, we are hopping on our bus for a ride to a sister property for a meal.

We also have guests coming. This coming weekend, my brother and his wife will be stopping in for a night on their way to the Big Bend country. They have never been to that part of Texas, so it has been on his bucket list for a while. I'm excited for them to see that part of the state that Donna and I love so much. I hope they enjoy it. I'll be the first to admit, though, that West Texas can be an acquired taste. You have to have an appreciation for the desert and isolation to enjoy it out here. Not everyone does.

The following week, Attila and her Huns (our daughter and her little brood of terrorists in training) will invade our peaceful community. We've alerted all the local authorities, and SWAT teams will be standing by. We'll need some rest after they leave, so our next trip is planned for a few days later.

In the meantime, we just continue to enjoy retirement, one day at a time.

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