Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Rainy Day in West Texas

I love rainy days. They are a rarity in West Texas. And we rarely get those all day, slow falling rainy days. Those come far too infrequently for me. Most of our rain comes with violent thunder and lightning as well as high winds. I'm not crazy about those storms, but I always welcome the moisture.

Today, we are blessed with one of the good rains. It moved in late last night. When the rain first arrived, it was accompanied by some thunder and lightning, but that soon gave away to the slow, easy rain we are still enjoying as I write this.

We currently have just under 2 inches, as evidenced by the picture of the rain gauge below. But I expect more to fall before the system moves out of our area.

Almost 2 inches of rain in less than a day. Great!

Below are some pictures I snapped from both my front and back patios of our neighborhood. Enjoy!

This is the street that runs in front of our house. You can see the wet surface. We have a single oak tree in front as well as one in back.

This view from our back patio looks northeast to the Oak Tree Club, which houses the  administrative offices for our community as well as meeting rooms, kitchen, exercise room, pool room, game rooms, library, and hair salon.

This view looks southeast from our back patio. Our regional airport is off in this direction in the distance, and we can watch the planes arriving and departing. Donna loves to watch planes in the sky.

One of our hummingbirds

Another shot of the same hummer.

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