Saturday, July 30, 2016

I've Not Been Posting

For those who follow the blog, it's obvious that I'm not posting very much. Quite frankly, Donna and I have not been doing very much. We're just trying to settle in to a routine in our new home and become fully settled. Nothing much exciting about that, so nothing much to report.

We've bought season tickets to our local community theater, Angelo Civic Theater. We'll attend 6 performances this year, and we'll see some pretty interesting plays. You can click here to see what shows are appearing this season. I'm most excited about watching Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe in October. I did my thesis on Edward Albee, so I have a natural interest in this play. Albee's female characters are extremely interesting and fully developed.

We're also simply settling into our community, and with each passing day, we enjoy Rio Concho West (RCW) more. I wish we had moved here years ago. We attended an orientation meeting a couple of weeks ago and came away even more excited. What I like best about the place is how peaceful and calm it is. Each time we return from shopping around town, we marvel at the island of serenity that is Rio Concho West. Outside the property, traffic is a bit hectic and fast, but once you enter our property, the speed limit drops to 20 and all is calm. There is only one way in and out of RCW, so there is no through traffic at all. That is great.

I've read a great deal about people hiking the long trails of the United States (see "The Big 3 Hiking Trails of the Continental U.S.A." in June 2013). Many people who do long hikes over several weeks or months make the same observation. They spend so much time out on the trails that when they return to "civilization" they experience a type of culture shock, especially as regards traffic. After spend long periods seeing very few people, no buildings other than shelters or small country stores or farms, and virtually no traffic, they become accustomed to a slower pace of life. For them, traffic moves along at just a few miles per hour, somewhere between 3 and 5 mph for most hikers. Upon entering a town, they are shocked by traffic moving at speeds of 30 mph or greater.

We can sort of relate now that we live at RCW. We spend most of our time in our little community, where people exercise daily by walking the streets. Posted speed limits are 20 mph for the entire property, and there is often more foot traffic than auto traffic. And for traveling within the community, many folks rely on golf carts or bicycles. So when we leave RCW, we experience just a little shock. It takes a few minutes for me to adjust to a faster rate of travel and a greater volume of traffic. It's always nice to pull back in to RCW from our little excursions out. We can slow down again and move at a more comfortable pace.

We do have some trips planned, but not until the fall. Right now, we are simply waiting out the heat of the summer and trying to get settled.

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