Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Red Arroyo Trail

Quite a while ago, the city of San Angelo undertook construction of a walking and biking trail along the Red Arroyo, which runs through the southwest and southerly portions of the city. You can read a couple of stories about the trail in our local paper by clicking the links below:

Although there is still some work to do on the trail system, people are already using it. Donna and I got out this morning and walked the easterly portion of the trail.

This map was part of one of the stories listed above. Donna and I walked the trail on the east side of College Hills Boulevard.
We parked the truck in the parking area on Sul Ross. We began the hike by walking east to Knickerbocker Road. It was almost exactly 1.25 miles from the parking lot to Knickberbocker and then back. We then followed the loop west to College Hills and back. This portion of the trail was right at 1.5 miles. Our total walk was 2.74 miles.

And that's all you really need to know. I'll let the pictures below tell the rest of the story. I'll just close by saying I feel this is a great addition to the city. This is property that is in the flood plain, so it is not suitable for other development. And since the trail is in the heart of several residential areas, it is easily accessible.

One of the many fine bridges that cross the arroyo.
Looking upstream at Red Arroyo from the bridge.
East end of the trail at Knickerbocker Road
Apartments along the trail near Knickerbocker Road.
View of Parkview Lakes through the trees. The lakes are near some condos located just off the trail.
Stormwater pond along the trail near College Hills Blvd.
View from a bridge of the arroyo, a driving range, and a miniature golf course.
Miniature golf course along the trail at College Hills and Millbrook.
More stormwater ponds along the trail.

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