Friday, May 6, 2016

House Update

When we arrived in San Angelo well over a month ago, we visited Rio Concho West (RCW) and were shown the houses that were available to purchase at that time. After considering our choices, we opted for one. We then began visiting supply houses in Angelo looking at tile, carpet, counter tops, and other housing options. Since then, we have made all choices and submitted those to RCW. In turn, RCW received estimates for all upgrades. We have approved those estimates, so work is underway transforming our new home.

I can't predict exactly when we will be able to move in, but I hope we are settled in there by the middle of June or so. In the meantime, we will continue to travel about.

We are currently in San Angelo checking on the house. We will stay here another week, then store our trailer for a week while we take a quick trip to East Texas to visit family. Then we come back to Angelo and check the progress of the house. If time allows, we'll hook up the trailer and take off for another week or two. If not, we'll hang around Angelo and prepare to close on our house.

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