Friday, May 27, 2016

And the Years Roll By

On May 26, 1977, Donna and I stood before a minister in the Methodist Church of Conroe, Texas, and said our vows. After 39 years, I'm still putting up with the old woman. She's mighty lucky to find me; I don't know of anyone else who could put up with her this long.

We don't celebrate things too much anymore. One day is pretty much like another now. But I did take the old woman out to H.E.B. yesterday so she could buy some food to cook for me. They were having a good sale on beef ribs, so we bought a large package as well as some other things we were hungry for. I then had to take Donna to another grocery store so she could buy some wine. Upon checking out, the clerk asked if I was stocking up; I replied that I was simply trying to keep the old woman sedated. Sometimes life is easier that way.

We then went to the movies and saw Money Monster with George Clooney and Julia Roberts. We enjoyed the movie. It wasted little time getting into the action, and the plot was intricate and interesting. I do wish the movie industry would refrain from using extremely vulgar language to such an extreme, though. I simply see no purpose in it. It seemed like the "F word" was in every sentence. I don't enjoy that.

After the movie, we went to Cheddar's for a late lunch. We both ordered sirloin steaks, and they were good cuts of meat cooked exactly to order. I was happy. The baked potato was just right, and the red beans and rice was also quite good.

It was a good day. I wonder how many more we will have. If we don't get out of this trailer soon, we may not make it to our 40th anniversary.

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