Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Ongoing Perils of Keith and Donna

We've been back in San Angelo for over a week. Several things have happened. Let me catch you up.

We booked Spring Creek Marina and RV Park for a week. This is the place we stayed a couple of weeks ago. San Angelo really doesn't have a great RV park, and the 2 best -- in my opinion -- are Spring Creek and the KOA. The KOA, although efficient, is rather drab, so we normally opt for Spring Creek, where the scenery is better. But Spring Creek is wild on weekends and the dust out there can be bad since all interior roads and sites are natural surface.

We arrived at Spring Creek on a Thursday, and got a great site. We had a good first day and night, and then the party crowd arrived. On Friday and Saturday nights, music and partying continued on well past midnight. The management does nothing to control the noise. The music, for example, was coming from a fifth wheel parked right next to the couple that run the front office. The final straw for us came on Sunday. Sometime early Sunday morning, the water went out. Now, this was not the fault of Spring Creek, but this just wasn't what we wanted at this time. The water remained off all day. Fortunately, we had quite a bit of water in our fresh water tank, so we were able to wash, use the restroom, and do our normal chores. By the end of the day, though, the water was still off and our supply was beginning to run low, so we decided to leave. The park refunded our balance, and we headed to KOA.

We have a nice spot at KOA, about as nice as you can get. Most spots are pretty close to one another, but we have some room. We've enjoyed our stay here for the most part. I'll try to report on the park in another entry.

We've had rain a few days since arriving here a week ago. Last night, we had quite a bit of rain, thunder, lightning, and wind. These elements are not fun when staying in a travel trailer. But we survived. We're not out of trouble yet, though, as more bad weather is scheduled for today and perhaps the next day or two. We're not complaining, though, as the area always needs rain.

We think we have come to terms with a house at Rio Concho West. It is a 5 year old home, and we have scheduled various upgrades. We are still waiting for estimates, but work should begin soon. I expect it will be early June before the upgrades are complete and we close on the house. We are excited about being in a solid home again.

We'll stay here another week, then take a 2 week trip. I don't know where we are going, but we feel the need to just get away. We're ready to do some touristy things again.

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