Saturday, April 23, 2016

San Angelo KOA

For nearly 2 weeks now, Donna and I have been at the San Angelo KOA. We stayed here quit a bit in the past when our other houses were being built. It's a pretty good stop.

Office at entrance. Pool is on far side while bathrooms are on this side. Laundry is in back.
KOA parks are generally pretty reliable. You can usually count on each park having all the basic amenities, and generally they work quite well. San Angelo KOA is no exception. Each site at the park has a nice utility area consisting of water, sewer, electricity, and cable. All are grouped together in a boxed off area.

Utility box with cable, water, and electric box. Sewer is farther to the right. Note how cable is in post, not hanging lose as at many parks.
All interior roads and sites are gravel, and there is no dust. Mature mesquite trees are spread throughout the park, so some shade is available, but don't expect much shade even under the largest of the trees. A dog park is available, and there are numerous cabins available for rent.

A nice pool is located next to the office. In the same building as the office you will also find the small but adequate laundry room as well as well-maintained bathrooms complete with shower stalls. Propane is also available, and basic grocery and RV items are located in the office. One of the unusual perks of staying in this park is that each guest receives the local paper daily.

Pool next to the office. Basketball court and goal on right.
Laundry room in rear of office building.
WiFi is available, but I found it to be spotty and a bit slow. Perhaps it was my location as I was on the edge of the park. For television, the park recently converted to a cable box which, once connected, works rather well and brings in over 100 channels. However, I can see some technologically-challenged folks having trouble making the connection. The folks at the office will help, though. However, if you are leaving before the office opens, you will need to turn in your box the previous day. The box includes the cable box, 2 cables, a power supply, and a remote control.

One of the many KOA cabins.
The park is located near the lake on Knickerbocker Road. The road is heavily used, as it is the main road to the lake and residential areas, as well as to the small local airport. The park is far enough off the road so that road noise is really not a problem. You can hear the traffic, but it is not that loud, certainly not loud enough to keep me awake at night.

Sites vary in size and privacy. Some sites back up to each other, so that utility boxes are located between rigs, which are parked back to back to each other. Other sites have more privacy, including privacy screens. We were fortunate enough to secure one of these, and we enjoyed the patio area and furniture.

Our site, number 70. Notice the patio with nice furniture.

Another view of our site, with awning partially out.
The park staff is great. Employees are visible throughout the day doing various chores and assisting guests. Everyone we met was very friendly and eager to help.

Tonight is our last night here. Tomorrow, we hook up the rig and head to Alpine for a week in the Texas mountains.

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