Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Reporting from Alpine, Texas

It's Wednesday morning as I write this. Donna and I have been in Alpine since Sunday.

I've always loved this part of Texas. We've been visiting this area since the early 1980s. It's rather depressing being here right now, though. Lately Texas has been in the news because of heavy rains in the Houston area as well as storms throughout many other parts of the state. I can imagine that folks in other parts of the country imagine that Texas is awash in water these days; but this area of the state is very dry. It's sad to look out on these mountains and see only brown. All the grass in our RV park is dead. I don't know if water restrictions are in place in this area or if people are just being conservative, but lawns throughout town are also brown.

In addition to the ongoing drought, the area is also experiencing high winds. The wind has been blowing since we arrived. Yesterday was the worst. It blew hard from early Tuesday morning until just a few hours ago. Our little trailer rocked all day and all night. And since the area is so dry, there was a lot of dirt blowing about. Donna and I took off for a walk yesterday, but we gave up after a mile; the wind was just blowing too hard and there was too much dirt in the air.

The rainy season in this part of Texas is June through September, though, so I'm hopeful that the rains will come. And when they do come, it doesn't take much for the area to green up.

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