Thursday, April 7, 2016

North Llano River RV Park

For the past week, we have been staying at North Llano River RV Park, a former KOA RV park on the south bank of the North Llano River in Junction, Texas. This was our second time to stay here. This is a decent park, but not one I can whole-heartedly recommend to others.

Office and entrance gate. Pool is to the right, while propane is available in center of picture.
The park offers all the basic amenities, and they seem to all be in good working order. Over 50 cable TV channels are offered (more are available than what is listed on the sheet provided at check-in), and we were delighted to see that San Angelo news channels were included so we were able to keep up with news in our town. WiFi is available, and it seemed to work well for the most part. It was a bit slow at times, but not so much that it was frustrating to use. The laundry room, though limited with only 4 washers and 4 dryers, was clean and well maintained, and it included a small book swap. There is also a small pool. Bathrooms and showers are also available, and they are also well-maintained. Propane is available on site, though the price seemed a bit high to me, as are some basic RV supplies. There is also a security gate, but during our stay it did not work so it was left open. A small playground is located in front of the office for the little ones or the young at heart.

Small playground in front of office.

All interior roads and sites are natural surface/gravel, so there is a bit of dust in the park when vehicles drive through. Also, the park is located right next to the main highway that loops through town, so there is quite a bit of highway noise. The highway is primarily used by local traffic or visitors staying in Junction, so there isn't a great deal of traffic, but there is enough to be a nuisance if noise bothers you. Fortunately, traffic eased each night at a decent hour. Native pecan trees are all through the park, so during summer months there is quite a bit of shade. They were just leafing out during our stay.

The RV park

Cabins are also available in the park
Pool located next to the office. Restrooms/showers are located at this end of the office building.

Our site, #14. Site was slightly unlevel from side to side as the property slopes gently down to the river. Utilities were conveniently located together.
Two things bothered me about our stay. First, we were placed right next to the highway, the noisiest area of the park. When we arrived, the park was perhaps a fourth full, if that much. Perhaps they had reservations from some regulars for the weekend and were saving better spots for them. But we were staying an entire week and should have been assigned a better site. One-night guests seemed to be a large part of the customer base. Donna and I would sit outside our trailer and watch as RV after RV would come down the highway and turn in. And almost all of these folks seemed to be place in better sites for their one night stays. Our site was also not long enough to accommodate both our trailer and our truck, so we stuck out just a bit. Second, the weekly rate was simply too much for a park with gravel roads and sites and short, noisy sites at that. I doubt we will return. There are just too many other parks in the area with better sites and better rates. Had we been given a better site, I probably would not feel this way.

The North Llano River, looking upstream (west)

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