Sunday, April 3, 2016

Good Eats: La Familia Restaurant, Junction, Texas

Junction, Texas, is a small town, so don't expect to find any frilly, trendy restaurants there. You will, however, find a few reasonably priced restaurants offering some very good food. One of these is La Familia, located on Main Street about a mile south of the interstate. We've eaten at La Familia many times over the years, but it had been a long time since our previous visit. I'm glad we returned.

La Familia is not some overpriced restaurant offering the latest in Mexican cuisine. It is, instead, a well-run and friendly hometown restaurant offering traditional Mexican dishes as well as a handful of American dishes. If you like basic Tex-Mex, as I do, I think you'll like La Familia.

The chips and salsa were quite good. The chips were thick enough so that they wouldn't break when you dipped them, but not so thick as to be obnoxious. The salsa was tomato sauce thick with a good bite on your tongue. However, I like chunks of onions, peppers, and tomatoes in my salsa, and the salsa at La Familia was pureed.

Donna doesn't eat much. We try to watch her weight. I don't want her ballooning on me. It's almost embarrassing how little she eats at times. On this trip, she ordered 2 bean chalupas, and she wasn't able to finish those. She did enjoy what she ate, though. Everything about her meal was good, and all the ingredients were fresh.

My favorite Mexican food is enchiladas, so I ordered 2 cheese enchiladas with a cheese taco. I always ask about the sauce that is used on the enchiladas and was delighted to find they used chile gravy rather than red sauce. The enchiladas from my childhood were made this way, so this is what I look for. The enchiladas at La Familia weren't the best I've ever had, but they were very good. I enjoyed my meal so much that I ordered flan for desert, and it was good as well.

The employees who greeted us and served us were very friendly and service oriented, even though we arrived shortly before closing time. Our tea glasses stayed full with freshly brewed tea, and we lacked for nothing.

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