Sunday, March 13, 2016

We've Been Making Miles

Let me catch you up on our last few days.

We left Brantley Lake State Park in the Carlsbad, New Mexico, area last Wednesday. We were finally heading home. As we neared Lamesa, Texas, the sky began to darken, and we knew we were in for some rain. We stopped for lunch at K-Bob's Steakhouse in Lamesa and had a very good steak and sides for a very decent price. We've eaten at that K-Bob's for over 30 years and we've always enjoyed our meals there.

As we stepped outside after lunch, we were met with a light rain. We were running low on gas, but I didn't want to stop at a gas station, so I just emptied one of my 5 gallon cans into the tank and we hit the road. When traveling in the west, I always care spare gas cans. The rain picked up almost immediately. When we got to Big Spring, where we would be spending the next 4 nights, the skies really opened. We checked into our RV park and I slipped on my rain gear so that I could set up the trailer. It's not fun working in the rain, but it didn't look like it was going to slow. But I have good rain gear, so it really wasn't too unpleasant.

We spent the next 4 nights in Big Spring, seeing our daughter and grandsons almost every day. We also caught up on our laundry and grocery shopping. We finally pulled out this morning and headed east to Lake Colorado City State Park; I'll report on this park in another entry.

I've not had WiFi for the past 4 nights, so I've fallen behind some in my reporting. I currently have connectivity, though, so I'll try to catch up some. I'll jump ahead a bit here and tell you we are about to move to another park and I do not expect connectivity there. We will spend 6 nights there, so it may be a while before I report after we leave Lake Colorado City SP.

Regardless, I hope to see you down the road.

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