Tuesday, March 8, 2016

We're in Carlsbad

Donna and I left Alamogordo yesterday morning. We enjoyed a beautiful drive through the mountains around Ruidoso before emerging onto the Plains west of Roswell. We're getting closer to home all the time.

We are now at Brantley Lake State Park just to the north of Carlsbad. We will spend 3 nights here and play tourist in the area. We do not have WiFi here, though, so I'll not post any entries for several days.

On Thursday, we return to Texas. I'm excited. I simply do not enjoy traveling as much as I once did, and I'm ready to be someplace where I feel I belong.

But, we have no home to return to, so we will continue traveling for awhile. We'll spend nearly a week in the area near our daughter and her family. We have to see those grandsons, whom my daughter is now calling "hardened criminals." Yeah, they are giving her fits; they are my heroes! We'll then spend nearly a week at Hord's Creek Lake near Coleman before heading to San Angelo. We have business to take care of in Angelo, so we'll spend a good week there. We have made no concrete plans beyond then.

So, travel along with us on the blog. We may even show up at a park near you.

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