Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hord's Creek Lake, March 2016

Donna and I are currently spending 6 nights at Hord's Creek Lake near Coleman, Texas. We spent several days here in April 2015. Since I wrote about the park at that time, I won't add too much at this time.

This is a very nice Army Corp of Engineers park. We especially enjoy the oak trees. This is basically the tree line in this part of Texas, so West Texans almost feel like they are in the jungle here.

Unfortunately, the lake is at a very low level, but that seems to be part for the course for West Texas lakes these days.

We arrived yesterday when temps reached 80 degrees. Today is almost a carbon copy of yesterday. Last night we had a fire -- our first on this entire trip -- and this morning Donna cooked a big breakfast outside after we returned from a long walk. We've seen deer and plenty of squirrels.

But tomorrow a cool front is expected to push through, dropping daytime temps as much as 20 degrees and bringing some rain. It's been nice to spend time outside, but we'll have to move back inside tomorrow. It's  been great watching kids on spring break ride their bicycles and play around the campground. It's just great to see kids playing outside like kids, without smart phones or computer games. If more kids would just try it, I think they'd like it.

We have no WiFi nor any TV reception. I probably won't post any more entries until we get to San Angelo early next week.

It's great to be back in Texas.

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