Monday, March 28, 2016

Catching Up in San Angelo

We've been in San Angelo for a week now, and we've been pretty busy. Let me catch you up.

We always have the regular chores to do, such as grocery shopping, laundry, and such. We also spent a morning getting our taxes done with our local tax preparer. Uncle Sam always wants his cut, you know.

But most of our time has been spent on acquiring a house. We've now moved up the list at Rio Concho West sufficiently that we spent a day looking at available houses there. We are meeting with the reps there again tomorrow to discuss 2 possible houses. We also spent one morning with our former builder, who has a new development near our former home. We like his houses and could see ourselves living in one of his homes again, so we are giving that option some consideration.

We had planned to stay only a week, then head to the Hill Country for a while. But because of the housing situation, we've extended our stay in Angelo for 3 more nights. We hope to leave on Thursday, but if we make a deal on a home, we may have to stay longer to select carpeting, tile, and other house options.

We've had a pretty good stay at Spring Creek. The RV park itself seems to be under new management since the last time we stayed here about 3 years ago, and it appears to be run much better. WiFi has been reliable this time, for example, and they do a good job of keeping the grass cut and the trash picked up. But it still gets wild on weekends and holidays out here. This past weekend was Easter weekend. Folks started pouring in Thursday afternoon, and most did not leave until late Sunday. I can't believe how many people from all around West Texas come here. There were throngs, and they left behind lots of trash. But they weren't too unruly. A solid police presence really helps keep folks in line. Still, I prefer not to be here when it is busy. We'll have to look at other options when we return.

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