Sunday, March 13, 2016

Carlsbad Museum and Art Center, Carlsbad, New Mexico

On our last day in Carlsbad, we visited the Carlsbad Museum and Art Center, which was established in 1931. It is the oldest municipal museum in the state of New Mexico. It provides exhibits on local and regional history, Native American art and artifacts, and modern, contemporary and Western art. It's really an impressive small museum. Anyone visiting Carlsbad should stop in for a visit. Best of all, there is no admission.

In my mind, I divide the museum into three parts. Upon entering, turn right and you will see historic items, including a very large Native American arrowhead collection and an impressive gun collection. To the left are 3 small art galleries. Finally, there is a very large and detailed diorama or early Carlsbad.

Below are some pictures I took of the museum and its exhibits.

The museum is located on the western edge of the downtown district. It shares grounds with the library. This is the entrance.
We were fortunate to catch these redbuds in bloom on the eastern side of the museum building. Note the mural along the top of the building.

Nice arrowhead collection. In the case at back is a painting of Geronimo. In that same case are various items the old warrior once sold on the reservation in his older days.

An old mudwagon stagecoach.

Gallery containing paintings by the "Taos Ten".

Very detailed diorama of early day Carlsbad.

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