Thursday, February 18, 2016

Trapped Like a Rat

Recently we were spending 3 nights at the Aquarius Casino and Resort in Laughlin, Nevada. I had been in our room on the 5th floor and was on my back downstairs to find Donna on the casino floor. I went to the bank of 6 elevators, pressed the down button, then stepped on the elevator when the doors opened.
The elevator began its descent, then suddenly came to a jarring stop at the 3rd floor. When the elevator did not resume it's descent, I began to grow a bit concerned.
Have you ever been stuck on an elevator? It's funny what goes through your mind. The first thing I thought of was how glad I was that I had recently visited the restroom, for I might be stuck on this elevator for awhile.
Then my thoughts became more practical. Did anyone know the elevator had stopped? I began pushing buttons. First, I pushed the 1st floor button again, but that did no good. Then I pushed the button to open the doors, but that also did no good. Next I pushed the button next to a bell icon, and a bell rang. Right about then, the elevator came back to life and resumed it's descent. But just as quickly as it started, it came to another jarring halt, this time a little below the 1st floor.
I tried all the buttons again, but once again this produced no result. I was still concerned that no one knew about the elevator being stuck, so I pulled out my phone and called Donna and told her what was happening and the elevator number.
Then I spotted the emergency phone on the panel below the controls. I pushed the button and someone responded immediately. I was told that they were aware of the problem and that they were responding. They asked if I was alright.
In a few minutes, someone knocked on the elevator door to check on me. I could also hear Donna's voice outside the door. Every few minutes, someone would check on me. I'm not sure what was going on or what measures were being taken.
Then the lights went off for a few moments. I didn't like that. But they were out for only a brief time. I banged on the door and tried to tell them about the lights, but no one seemed to hear me. Then the lights came back on and the elevator began moving. It felt like the elevator was moving up quite a bit. Then it suddenly stopped, the doors slid opened, and I hurriedly stepped out.
Being stuck on an elevator is a bit unnerving. The scariest part was not knowing if my predicament was known. Once I made contact with hotel personnel, I felt much better. Now I pause anytime I have to get on an elevator. I've always had a standing rule to use the stairs for anything less than 3 flights, so I don't mind taking the stairs. But now when I step on an elevator, my insides jump just a bit. The biggest lesson I learned, though, is to always use the restroom before stepping on one of those cages; you never know how long you might be trapped like a rat.

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