Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Leaving Las Vegas

Today is our last full day at Las Vegas KOA at Sam's Town. Tomorrow we pack up and head back to Laughlin. We are booked for the next 2 weeks at Avi KOA just south of Laughlin, which is where we stayed around Christmas. We also have 3 free nights at the Aquarius Casino and Hotel, so we will take advantage of that time to sleep in real beds and take real showers. Donna is looking forward to a hot bath.

After Laughlin, we start making our way back to Texas with numerous stops along the way. Right now the weather in Las Vegas is beautiful. The days are reaching the low to mid 70s while the nights are in the upper 40s. It should be a few degrees warmer in Laughlin with daily highs around 80 and lows in lower 50s. We welcome this warming trend. Winter in an RV can be uncomfortable. As soon as the furnace goes off, the cold begins creeping in as there is limited insulation. But we've survived the worst of winter and look forward to better weather ahead. We want to linger on our way home to ensure that Texas warms up as well before we get there. Sure, we may encounter a cold front or two, but those spells should be brief and few.

From Laughlin, we will go to Yuma, Arizona, and view the sites there for a few days. Our next stop after that is the Tombstone, Arizona, area. That place has been on my bucket list for a while. From there, we go to Alamogordo, New Mexico, where we will spend some time visiting White Sands National Monument. Next up is Carlsbad, New Mexico, where we will spend some time exploring the city and the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. We did Carlsbad Caverns years ago and have no plans to return there.

And we hope to get some hiking in at all these places. I'm especially excited about the prospect of hiking in the Guadalupe Mountains just south of Carlsbad. It will be early March when we are there and the wind may be a problem, but we'll at least check things out.

After Carlsbad, we'll drop in for a visit with daughter and her band of monsters. At last report, she said those precious little tykes were on their way to becoming hardened criminals. They seem to be giving her quite a bit of grief these days, and that makes them my heroes. I'll see if I can give them a couple of pointers while I'm there.

From there, we return to San Angelo for a week or so to take care of some business. We've not made any specific plans for anything beyond that time.

So, stick around for the trip. I hope we will see some great places and that we can take some good hikes. Of course, I'll try to share it all with you.

Until then, I'll see you down the road.

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