Wednesday, November 25, 2015

We've Gone and Done It Again

People are supposed to get smarter as they get older. I think just the opposite happens with Donna and me. Actually, I think it is Donna who is leading me astray. When I met her, I was an innocent young man, naive to the ways of the world. I didn't have a single grey hair when we met. Now, I'm falling apart, making foolish mistakes left and right, and I have quite a bit of grey hair. Sounds like an open and shut case to me.

Back in June, I wrote about how we had applied for a home in Rio Concho West (see "The Plan"). We have slowly been moving up the wait list since we applied almost a year ago in December 2014. As I indicated in "The Plan", we wanted to sell our house just before a house became available at Rio Concho West. The question is, when do you sell? It's really a kind of balancing act.Sell too early and you're homeless for a long time; sell to late, and you don't have the money available from the sale of the old house to apply to the new house.

Getting a bit anxious, we put our house on the market on October 22. We expected the house to be on the market about 2 or 3 months, followed by another month and a half or so for the closing process. That would mean we would move out in February or later, just as winter was beginning to give way to spring. Perfect timing!

Boy, were we wrong.

Our house sold in 12 days. We close on December 18, less than 2 months from the time the house went on the market. That means we are about to be homeless just as winter is starting rather than ending.

So, beginning December 18, we will once again be living in a travel trailer. And how long will we homeless? It's hard to tell. Since we put our house on the market, we have not moved up the wait list a single spot. It's as if the process lured us in and then simply froze. It could be summer 2016 or even later before something becomes available. And once something does become available, we might not like that particular house or location. Once we reach the top of the wait list, we have 3 chances to select a house. If we turn down all 3 houses, then we go back to the bottom of the list and start all over again.

So, you have 2 old reprobates who are slow learners about to head off into the coldest time of year in a travel trailer which has practically zero insulation value.

Anybody have a spare bedroom they aren't using for the next few months?

We'll see you down the road.

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