Saturday, November 7, 2015

Stonehenge II

One of the most unusual sites you're likely to see in the Texas Hill Country is Stonehenge II. Started as a lark by Doug Hill in 1989, Stonehenge II is roughly 2/3 the size of the original in England. The stones are about 90 percent the height and 60 percent the width of the original.

After the original arch was in place, Al Sheppard, the owner of the land, then commissioned Doug Hill to complete the project. Nine months later, the steel and concrete circle was finished. To complement the work, Sheppard added a couple of equally mysterious figures from Easter Island.

Since its completion, Stonehenge II was removed from Al Sheppard's land and relocated on the campus of the Hill Country Arts Foundation. To visit the site, head west from Kerrville on Highway 27. In Ingram, Highway 27 (the Junction Highway) veers northwest while Highway 39 continues west along the Guadalupe River. Take Highway 39 another .7 mile. After passing the Old Ingram Loop and then crossing Johnson Creek, you will see Stonehenge II on the south side of the highway. I do not recall seeing a sign indicating its location.

Stonehenge II, near Ingram, Texas

I placed Donna on the altar, then sacrificed her. She had gotten a bit too sassy.

Copy of a stone from Easter Island stands in front of Stonehenge II; another Easter Island figure is located nearby

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