Friday, October 2, 2015

Grey Foxes at San Angelo State Park

On several of our recent early morning walks at San Angelo State Park, we've seen 1 or more gray foxes. In fact, back in August I recounted an incident when we spotted a gray fox for the first time at the park (see "We Like to See Wildlife."). Since then, we even saw a small fox cross in front of us when we were walking on the O. C. Fisher dam recently. It had a small rodent in its mouth, and headed down the dam and found a secure place where it could enjoy its feast.

I've not been able to get a photo yet of a fox. By the time I get my camera out, it's usually too late. But most of our sightings have occurred in the area of coordinates 31.469303, -100.512099. If you plug those coordinates into a GPS or Google Earth, they will take you to a rapidly decaying paved road little used today except by park employees and bike riders and hikers/walkers. Near the location provided by the coordinates is a track heading off west, and we've seen 1 or more foxes scamper down that track more than once. I've never followed that track, but from looking at Google Earth, it appears there is a small earthen dam near there, so they may stick close to that man-made pond for water and to catch other small critters that may lurk nearby.

Our sightings have occurred early in the morning, perhaps 30 minutes or so after sunrise. It looks as though the foxes are generally moving from higher ground to the east, crossing the road we are on, and heading towards the pond.

Perhaps one of these days, I'll catch a picture of those illusive little rascals.

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