Sunday, August 23, 2015

We Like to See Wildlife

Donna and I love watching animals, whether it be birds at our feeders, dogs romping in the neighborhood, or wild animals in their own environment. We see quite a bit of wildlife on our walks. Even in our neighborhood, I've spotted a good many deer in areas along the edge of development.

We took a 4.5 mile walk in San Angelo State Park yesterday (Saturday). About a mile into the walk, a young white tail buck burst onto the road about 50 yards ahead of us, then leisurely trotted down the road away from us for about 100 yards. We watched as his fluffy white tail bounced in the air before he finally turned from the road and scampered away into the thick brush.

About a half mile later, I spotted a slight movement in the tall grass ahead of us and to the left of the road. I saw the dark silhouette of a head peaking up from the grass, and thought it looked like a fox. I made note of the location of the animal, then we continued walking along the road in his general direction. I then saw a rush of movement to our left, and noticed 3 or 4 deer in the brush. They had spotted us and were darting away. I lost sight of the unknown animal, but as we neared the sight where I had last seen it, I spotted movement again. Sure enough, a small grey fox was wending its way through the brush. He stopped and sat for a moment. He appeared to look at us, but he didn't seem afraid. In a moment, he got back on his feet and continued on his way in the general direction the deer had taken.

Near the end of our hike, we came across the park's bison herd in their contained area off the main park road. It is very unusual for them to be so close to the road. They are such magnificent creatures. I'm truly thankful that some of their ancestors escaped the carnage of the hide hunters of the 1860s and 1870s so that we can see these huge and powerful animals today.

Seeing all of these animals just whets my appetite to be out in the country someplace. I guess it's time we took a trip in our trailer.

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