Monday, August 10, 2015

It's Hot in San Angelo

We enjoyed a mild and wet spring in San Angelo. Temperatures stayed comfortable all the way through June, mainly because of the generous rains we received.

All that changed once July arrived. For the past month or so, it has been hot and dry. Since early July, we've had about 25 days with temperatures over 100, and we've not had a drop of rain. The forecast calls for more of the same. Our record year of 100 degree weather was 2011, the year Donna and I retired to San Angelo. That year, we had 100 or more days of temperatures in excess of 100. We won't reach that number this year, but we are already above our yearly average number of days in excess of 100 degrees.

We've been more uncomfortable with the heat this year, too. Donna normally welcomes the sun and the heat, but this year she has expressed some discomfort with it. It doesn't seem to cool off much at night either, with our nightly lows well into the 70s. I've always enjoyed the cool nights in the West. Cool nights bring crisp mornings, but right now our mornings are already warm and a bit muggy. As a rule, the West has always been hot but very dry, making it much more comfortable than the eastern parts of Texas where Donna and I grew up. But when we get out early and walk now, the air seems a bit more oppressive than what I remember from previous years.

So, I'm ready for fall to blow in, bringing in some cooler temperatures. Until then, I might look for a place to spend a week or two, a place with some cooler temperatures.

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