Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Coming King Prayer Garden

Located atop a 1,930 foot hill in north Kerrville is the Coming King Prayer Garden. The Garden is accessible from the feeder road off Texas 16 (Fredericksburg Highway) just north of Interstate 10.

The cross atop the hill. Photo taken from the entrance to the prayer park, just off the feeder road.
Donna and I decided to get up early Saturday morning and visit the park, which is open from 6 AM to midnight daily. We arrived by 7:00, and we had the place to ourselves. However, the light was not good on this overcast morning, so my pictures sometimes do not have the detail I would like.

The Garden is a solemn place, well thought out and designed. In all, the Garden is 24.5 acres, but the bulk of items of interest are located on a single acre or two atop the hill. There is a walkway in the shape of a cross. As you begin your pilgrimage around the walkway, be sure to read the Bible scriptures inlaid in the walkway. The scriptures are in 3 languages: Spanish, English, and German.

Example of the Bible passages inlaid in the walkway.

Section of the walkway showing the inlaid scriptures. Take the time to read each one as you walk around the cross walkway. Immerse yourself in this experience.
Near the start of the walkway is an impressive statue of Jesus, the "Fisher of Men". It is life-sized and in detail. Heathen though I am, I was moved by it.

This is the "Fisher of Men" statue, with the 77 foot cross about 30 yards or more in the background. This bronze sculpture, by Max G. Greiner, Jr. of Kerrville, depicts Jesus holding out a cast net, symbolically calling Peter and Andrew to become fishers of men and to follow him.
The right branch of the cross walkway extends to another statue, the "Divine Servant", a bronze sculpture by Max G. Greiner, Jr., of Kerrville. The piece depicts Christ washing the feet of Simon Peter in the Upper Room.

The "Divine Servant" sculpture, looking east over Interstate 10.
Another view of the "Divine Servant". Because of the angle, the light is better and more detail shows up.

The top of the walkway cross is the location of the 77 foot "Empty Cross". This is another Max G. Greiner, Jr., sculpture. The cross arm is 40 feet across, and the width of the cross at the bottom is 7 feet. The entire sculpture weighs 70 tons and is anchored in solid rock. Inside the concrete foundation below the cross is a Bible which was anointed with water, soil, and oil from Israel. The cross is located at the same latitude as Israel.

The 77 foot "Empty Cross". Because of the poor lighting, it may be difficult to see little Donna at the very bottom, but the old girl is there.
The left branch of the cross holds another Max G. Greiner, Jr., sculpture, "The Great Commission". The sculpture depicts the World, the Word, and the Rock.

"The Great Commission" from the east.

"The Great Commission" from the west.

I have to admit I was moved by my visit to the Garden. It is a place for contemplation, a place of hope, a place of inspiration.

The Garden is a good place to think, to contemplate, to gain peace and strength.
The views from atop the hill are also impressive. All in all, it is a wonderful location for such a moving garden. 

You can learn more about the artist Max G. Greiner at his website, Max Greiner, Jr., Designs

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