Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Monster Bash 2015

This past Saturday, we attended a monster bash. Our two youngest grandsons, Camden age 2 and Jenson age 1, were having a joint birthday party at their paternal grandmother's home about 2 hours north of us. We joined the little monsters to help celebrate this milestone. The boys were born 3 days part -- July 21 and July 24 -- so that makes throwing a party convenient.

Things were going rather well until it was time for cake. Each lad had his own small cake to dig into caveman style. Camden decided that rather than blow his candle out, he'd put it out with his finger. Well, things went downhill from there. But Jensen enjoyed his cake. He looked like a circus clown after a while, so we had to hose him down later.

After the party, we brought oldest grandson, Xander, home with us to visit for a few days. Next month, Xander becomes an obnoxious teenager, so these visits with him may be winding down. He is developing his own interests as he grows up, and grandparents probably aren't high on the list. But we enjoyed the time we did have with him.

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