Thursday, April 2, 2015

Trailer Fix

In an earlier post, I mentioned our last outing was cut short by a trailer malfunction. Here's what happened.

Somehow, the 7-way connector, which is the electric cable that connects the truck to the trailer, got entangled with the hitch during a sharp turn. As a result, the cable was sheared and all but one or two of the wires contained inside where cut. As a result, I had no brake lights or signal lights. I have no idea how long I drove in that situation, but that's not good.

I noticed the problem when I began unhitching the trailer at our camp at Mother Neff State Park. I decided to simply cut the cable, clean up the ends, then splice them back together. I really thought that would work. I got busy, and after an hour or so, I had the ends spliced together and we tested. Well, we had trailer lights and the electric brake worked, but still no blinkers on the trailer or brake lights on the trailer. Everything appeared to work fine on the truck.

We went ahead with our stay at Mother Neff, but decided to return home to Angelo to get repairs done. Since some things were working and some weren't, I was afraid the problem might be more than just the cable itself, so I didn't want to get stuck in a strange town with my trailer undergoing days of repairs. So, we got up early one morning, kept to the back roads, and limped home as carefully and cautiously as we could.

I took the trailer into the dealership where we purchased it, and they put on a brand new 7-way connector. We tested, and the results were the same that I had. Now I really was concerned. In my mind, I thought there was a pretty good chance that I simply had not done a good job of splicing the cable, but since the shop was not faring any better, I began to worry that something serious was wrong, possibly with the wiring in the trailer itself.

Fortunately, one of the guys in the shop suggested we check the fuses on the truck. Sure enough, 2 of the fuses which control certain aspects of the trailer had blown, probably when the cable was cut originally. We replaced those fuses, and everything is now back to normal.

So, now we are ready to get back out on the road and do a bit of traveling.

I'll see you down the road.

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