Saturday, March 21, 2015

We Survived

It was a rough 4 days and 3 nights, but Donna and I survived -- barely. Donna took the brunt of the attack from our grandsons, as they all follow her around. I was able to hide away in a safe room quite a bit.

The lads are full of life, that's for sure. Having 2 young ones just a year apart is really trying. They both require so much attention. Donna and Camden really bonded. I'm afraid that little guy is going to miss his Gammaw now that he has returned home. He really took a liking to her.

Jensen is crawling everywhere, and he's able to pull himself up. He doesn't crawl on his hands and knees; rather, he crawls like a spider on his hands and feet with his bottom sticking up. He makes good time. And Camden climbs on everything. You really have to watch him or he'll do a high dive off of something.

And then there's Xander, who is easy going but quite lively himself. He's a bottomless pit who eats us out of house and home. As soon as he's done with one meal, he's asking for snacks. But he's a big help with his little brothers.

Donna and I are used to being alone. Our house is always in order and usually very quiet. When the grandsons come, that all changes. Toys are scattered all over the house, kids are running in every direction, there's laughing and screaming and crying. It's really hard to adjust to the change when they visit.

I personally think that Xander called a meeting each night while we were sleeping so that he and his little brothers could plot destruction and mayhem for the next day. 

This is what monsters look like when they are sleeping. Actually, they're really only recharging their batteries for another spell of pillaging and looting.

Camden unleashed in our back yard. He seems to be interested in his shadow.
Jensen will probably be walking the next time we see him.
The Godfather of the Monsters himself, Mr. Xander. He sits back and calls the shots.


  1. came across your blog searching for things to do in San Angelo... found a few tips thanks for blogging!

  2. Glad you found the blog of use. San Angelo is a nice place. If you come to town, start with the Visitor Center on the river. Lots of information there to get your stay here started. If you like Indian food, we now have a pretty good Indian Restaurant. And if you like to hike, visit the state park with its 50+ miles of hiking/biking/equestrian trails.