Monday, March 16, 2015

A Last Minute Reprieve

Like a death row inmate at the last minute, Donna and I got a reprieve from our daughter. She has to delay her trip here for a day. That gives Donna and me 1 more day before we have to face the music from Courtney and her little assassins.

But the reprieve is only for one day. That bunch of ruffians will be here tomorrow. 

To celebrate our extra day of peace and calm, Donna and I decided to do a short walk out at the park. We were disappointed that more people were not taking advantage of the park. The 2 campgrounds we passed were probably only about 60% to 70% full.

The weather was beautiful: temp was about 70 with plenty of sunshine and very little wind. It's a rare day to have such a beautiful day in this area, for the wind usually blows pretty hard this time of year.

We caught sight of a small group of wild pigs. I don't know much about pigs and I don't know what the difference is between a feral pig, a wild pig, and a javelina.

The lake at the park is now completely dry. Since our heavy rains last May or so, we've had at least a little water in the lake, but no more. We could really use a period of steady rain. We need several inches over several days, so that runoff can fill our area lakes.

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