Tuesday, February 3, 2015

We've Got Wheels Again

Last week, after quite a bit of searching, we finally decided on a trailer. We have been looking off and on for almost a year now. We've visited dealerships in Lubbock, Abilene, and other places like Rice, Texas, not to mention our local dealerships. We attended the RV show in Dallas last fall. After all that, we finally bought a trailer right here in San Angelo, Texas.

Our new trailer is a Coachmen, a subsidiary of Forest River. Precisely, it is a Freedom Express 246 RKS. If you click on the preceding link, you can see the floorplan, the specs, and some interior pictures.

It's an attractive trailer. It weighs almost 1,000 pounds less than our previous trailer, but is only about 2 feet shorter. We considered going smaller, but because of some future plans we have we may be living in this trailer for 3 or 4 months between houses, so we opted for a bit more room than we had at first thought we would go with. Although the bedroom does not have a door providing full privacy, the position of the bathroom yields a bit of privacy. So, I should be able to go to bed early while Countess Dracula stays up late. Then, when I rise early, I shouldn't bother her too much. And there is a privacy curtain that will help some.

We actually closed the deal last week, but we waited until today to pick up the trailer and do the walk-through. During the interim, I've been running around getting other things ready. First, I had a brake controller installed on the truck. I also had to order a hitch. I secured insurance on the trailer. And I had to find a place to store the trailer since we do not have room at our place. The storage issue actually works into our future plans and an upcoming move we plan to make. But I'll discuss that more in the months ahead.

We'll start stocking the trailer with equipment and goods, such as linens, clothes, pots, pans, dishes, food, etc. I need to get all the hoses and gear we need. So the next few days will be busy. Then we'll start planning a first trip. We just need to go someplace close for a couple of nights so that we can check everything thoroughly to make sure that (1) everything works and that (2) we know how to do everything. We're pretty experienced with travel trailers, but you never know, especially with a new trailer.

I'll be posting pictures soon, so check back.

I'll see you down the road.

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